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October 15, 2010
Finally! It’s the weekend and you were able to sleep in and get to relax. It’s a beautiful autumn day. The leaves are turning different shades, its nice and sunny out, a bit cool as most fall days are, and it’s your favorite day of the week; SATURDAY!!!! You have a big day ahead of you by hanging out with your friends, going to the school rivalry football game, and then the big date with the person you’ve liked since the beginning of freshman year. You go downstairs ready to make yourself a nice breakfast and there you find a note on the refrigerator door with your name on it given to you by mom.

Before you go off anywhere I need you to do some things for me before you go off for the day. Work called me in and I’ll be stuck at work until 5. I need you to do:
change the litter box
wash the dishes
clean your room
give Spike a flea bath

Thanks for everything,

MOM xoxoxo

Wow thanks ma. You couldn’t have told me about this earlier before you left. Now I’m stuck doing home until noon. Just perfect. So you hurry up and skip breakfast to get out of there quickly. You throw in the laundry, do the dishes, change the litter box, throw the laundry in the dryer and sit down and wait for it to finish. You remember you had to get the allowance money from dad so you can pay for everything you need. Run upstairs to see dad then you see another note on the door to your parents room. Man my parents are sick in the head to do this to me. They strategically place to do lists for me to find. All right. What does it say?

Hey kiddo. You were fast asleep and I went out fishing with the guys. The thirty bucks are inside the room on the dresser. Just need you to do a few chores for me.
rake the yard
go grocery shopping
retile the roof
while retiling learn how to fly,
then skin the deer. I got yesterday morning so we put it up on the wall and have some meat for dinner tonight.

Gotta love deer. Thanks pal ?,


HAHAHAHAHA…… No. I am not wasting any more time on chores. Skin your own deer dad. Not my fault you decide to control the population and don’t want to do things yourself. I’m going to have some fun. You finally get to leave and your buddy picks you up and you’re off. After your date you get home just past 11 o’clock. Ready to go to bed and call it a day when you discover a note in front of your door.

Hey honey. I hope you had a good night and am glad you finished all of the chores I assigned you, but since you decided to neglect your father’s chores we are extremely disappointed in you. We both decided to make a list that you have to do by the end of tomorrow. You will have to do all of the chores your father left you earlier today. You will have to:
reside the house
create a jet pack
clean the car
find a pen pal
of course do your homework
create a facebook for me
find buried treasure.
Create your own list of chores you will have to do next weekend
Get Randy Moss’ autograph
Get around the world in under a day
Then finally cure cancer

See you in the morning sweetie ?
. . . FML!!!!
Ok my own list
kill parents
well that covers it all really.

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