Flying in the Sky

October 12, 2010
By josiah BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
josiah BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
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Imagine being in the air at 5000 feet, floating on two long wings carrying you to your destination! You can see everything below you, to the side of you there are thousands upon thousands of clouds. I love to fly. Many people dislike being high in the air, any where no matter where it is. But with planes you’re safer than say a helicopter, or parachute, or even on a ladder. Those objects aren’t as stable and you take more of a risk to get on one. Say you have to go on a business trip, or see relatives across country, you would need to use some sort of transportation. People who are as afraid of flying, and or don’t like to fly, i urge you to rethink the idea of flight! On one of my family vacations i explain how exciting it is to fly.
It’s was my family’s last trip before my brother Lyon moved out. My parents got a membership to a vacation condo company called “Vacation International” This was the first trip, that I got to ride on an airplane. The year was 2004, January 9th, I was 9 years old. My two older sisters Jennifer,17, Jessica, 11, Were both anxious. Jennifer, being the social butterfly was more than thrilled to be going to Maui, Hawaii. Jessica, not so much, she was more excited to get off the plane without any damage done to herself. Lyon was probably exited, but not as much as me. I couldn't wait to go on a plane. This was my first time, not including when I was an infant.
It was the end of winter, it was of course could out,to the point where you could see your see your breath. We decided to leave our car at the airport rather than having someone drop us off, and pick us up. There was six of us after all. We walked into the air port, and immediately I was filled with the airport joy. The smells of the rushing people walking by, being impolite to get to their gate. I felt like I already came and gone and took the trip.
We had to take a flight to San Francisco. We had a lay over of about 2 hours. We were spread out on the waiting chairs at gate 31 waiting impatiently. I couldn’t stop thinking about what it was going to be like. Jennifer was a cool as a cucumber listening to her cd player, Lyon was prowling the airport for food and Jessica was talking to dad about something new she discovered or something….But I couldn’t think of anything else.The thoughts of being on an airplane consumed my mind.
We finally got on the plane around four in the afternoon. As we were walking on to the loading dock, I felt as if I was walking on a bridge and I could feel the water underneath my feet. As I walked towards the exit of the bridge, except there was not water and we were not on any lake, we were about to get into a giant plane carrying over a thousand people, thousands feet in the air. I got goosebumps thinking about the view I would see. We entered the plane and I smelled the new seats, like what a new car smells like. The flight attendant was greeting passengers pointing them to their seats. We were somewhere in the middle part of the plane. I couldn’t believe I was finally on a plane. Finally. The flight attendant showed everyone how to use the emergency oxygen masks and the seat belt instructions, then the captain introduced himself, and announced we’d be leaving shortly. Then it suddenly happened. The captain came on over the PA system and announced it…”we were leaving for Maui.” As the plain was starting to move my stomach immediately left me…I couldn’t feel anything but excitement for what was to come. To me, this was amazing. To Mom, Dad, Lyon and Jennifer it was nothing. Jessica was trying to put her mind on something else, she wouldn’t take her eyes off drawing pad.
As my hands griped the chair’s arm I looked out the window, we were gaining speed. The lines on the runway were becoming on line. After three and a half minutes we started lifting up into the air, I couldn’t stop freaking out. In a good way I mean, I just really couldn’t believe I was in a plane going to Maui. We were in the air. No going back now we were in the air and on our way to Hawaii. Five hours after lift off we arrived at the Maui airport at 8 ish at night. We were about to partake in our last family adventure, for my brother was to move out when we return home.
This was my first experience on an air plane, I highly recommend traveling by plane. Maybe you need to travel somewhere in a hurry or you just want to take a vacation I sincerely suggest to all travelers that you take a plane to that destination for your exciting personal experience. Many people have fears of flying or heights such as my sister. But don’t knock till you try it.

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