Does Patriotism Still Matter?

October 6, 2010
In a world in which ignorance, selfishness, and hatred are becoming commonplace, is it even possible for Patriotism to still escape its social manacles? Can citizens possibly concern themselves with their country when they cannot simply listen to a friend talk about their feelings without being constantly disrupted by trivial things such as business, text messages, or social networks? The answer should be yes, but sadly it usually is not. Sure, there are the exceptions to society; there always are and always will be. However, society must make an attempt, if not an endeavor, to allow patriotism to play a larger part in their lives.

To allow these patriotic feelings to make an impact on their lives, these citizens must retrospectively ask themselves one question. If not for my country, would my life be as wonderful as it currently is? The internet, safe and fairly good work, individual rights, and a non- oppressive government. All of these are provided because of what our fabulous country has provided for us. Many of us take these liberties for advantage, however this should not be.

Upon looking at the theme once more, one answer seems logical. No, patriotism does not matter. But should it matter? Does it need to matter? Can it ever matter again? The answer to all of these predicaments is, in fact, yes.

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