A love letter he'll never get

September 30, 2010
His face fills my memory. He's everywhere. In my dreams, and in the same stores I go too. He's like a bad shadow that wont go away. But I like it. I like the way he makes me feel. When I see him, I'm suddenly in a better mood and nothing bad can touch me. His name is Jacob, and I was inlove with someone that wasn't going to love me back. It was okay, because aslong as I had him around, everything was alright. He was amazing, and I couldn't help but obsess over him. He was everything that I deserved, and wanted in a man. He was like a drug that kept me lingering around dark alleyways for my fix. Our first kiss, was our last. But it left such a impact. The kiss still lingers on my lips, and I seem to compare everyone to him. Their facial features, the sketchy looks and the promises of a better tomorrow. All I hope for is a second chance.

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