Brown Hair; Brown Eyes; Black Heart.

September 30, 2010
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I will never forget how I felt that day. The day that message popped up on my screen; “Hey.” Three letters, yet they meant so much. We talked for hours. You asked me to go out with you; and being stupid; I said yes. You told me you loved me and I believed you. You called me beautiful and told me you would never let me go. I loved you; I really did. Then one day, you told me that it wasn’t going to work. That it wasn’t me; That you still wanted to be friends. But you never spoke to me again. You wouldn’t even look at me. And now, you’re saying you want to leave all the shit in the past. To move on. But you don’t know that I still love you. We walked and talked in the hall; I looked straight into your eyes and you looked straight into mine. I saw the loving guy that I saw that day that the message popped up on my screen. But did you see the same girl? Am I still the same; Or was the fact that I wouldn’t give myself to you too much? Can we get back what we had, or do I have to let it go. I’m too scared to ask but I need to know. Please; look into my eyes Brown Haired Boy; See me for who I am Brown Eyed Boy; And know that I want to paint what I thought was a Black Heart red.

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