The Hard Ball

September 28, 2010
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The time in life where we all actually take the time to look at our lives and think, what happened? Admit it, times get tough. Sometimes real tough and that’s something we’ll never have control over. For religious people we believe God has a plan for us, and that the things that are happening happen to us for a reason. So then we basically have to sit and wait it out. For most others they either believe it’s the universe or just life. I’m with the religious group. I believe things happen to us for a reason, but it’s the reason that stumps us all. When the bad things happen in our lives we try to get through it by telling ourselves “Everything Happens for a Reason”, well sooner or later we’ll ask ourselves…what’s the reason? The world today is so obsessed with knowing the future and what will happen to us that we are very easily blinded by what we have today. And then when it’s gone we’ll cry and pout because we never took it for granted. But then that leads me right back to everything happens for a reason. I believe that statement 100%, sometimes I don’t like it but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe it. If you don’t believe me take the time to actually think to how you got where you are today. Let’s use your home for an example, what lead you to buy that house or stay where you’re staying. Where you stay has affected your life somehow, and how you got to the place you’re staying at has also changed your life in some way. It could be the most massive way or it could be in a way you barely even noticed. My point is your life has changed by events, even the smallest events, in your life. And your life will continue to change, sometimes it will go downhill a little but things usually end up looking better after awhile. We just have to be a little patient. So when life throws us a hard ball, do we dunk or take the hit?

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Bethani said...
Oct. 7, 2010 at 8:42 pm
Great job! I agree. 
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