Worst Day Ever

September 27, 2010
By ArminShenas BRONZE, Gulfport, Mississippi
ArminShenas BRONZE, Gulfport, Mississippi
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“School is so boring,” mumbled Dylan while stuffing half of his roll into his mouth. Dylan, Hunter, Stephen, Donovan, and I sat at our school lunch table considering how we could make our afternoons more enjoyable. Homework and school projects usually filled up our schedules, but this afternoon belonged to us.

“I know!” exclaimed Hunter with eagerness. “No homework today, so we have the rest of the day to ourselves. What do you all think we should do today?”

“Let us skate at the tennis court in the park. One of my brother’s friends said the ground there is as smooth as silk. Plus, it is right down the street from the school,” announced Stephen. “I think we should hit it up.”

Since we all brought our skateboards to school, we all could head straight to the park after school. “Yeah, that is a good idea. We should all go after school. We could skate there for hours!” added Donovan. After about an hour of art class, we all met up outside the school front doors, ready for the fun to begin. Little did we know one of the worst days of our lives stood before us.

As sweat crawled down our faces, we carried our skateboards down the street and up towards the park. “Man, it is hot out here!” I complained. “Some water sure would do me some good.”

“Quit being a baby,” snarled Stephen. “We are almost there.”

Finally, the tennis court caught sight of our eyes as we raced towards it. Donovan and I immediately started to skate and warm up once we arrived while the rest of the crew stood back and analyzed the court.

“This is actually not that bad,” said Hunter with a slight tone of surprise. “I can already tell this is going to be fun!”

As we skated, I noticed a white police car drive by a few times. It caught my attention, but I did not think much of it. “Probably just another bored cop,” I thought to myself.

“Here they are, officer.”

We all stopped and stared towards the man who had just said that. I gleamed at two police officers walking towards a man with a blood-red face and rage in his eyes. My friends and I soon found out that the angry man had called the police on us for skating on the tennis court. “This is just great,” we thought to ourselves.

“These thugs here came to this tennis court and started tearing it all apart with their skateboards!” shouted the angry man who enriched the park and our ears with beautiful words of wisdom. “I want these kids arrested and punished!” he continued. The man who looked as civilized as a gang of baboons just kept on going with his delightful poem, but then the officers had enough.

“Sir, I am sure we can handle the rest from here on out. Thank you very much,” announced one of the officers. The officers then took our information one by one and made sure we would not come back here anymore unless we wanted to play tennis, of course.

In the end, the officers drove us home one after another making sure our parents understood the entire situation. Once we pulled up into my driveway, I told the officer,” Get your handcuffs ready. My dad is going to need them once he kills me.”

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