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September 27, 2010
By xwishingonbutterfliesx GOLD, Williamstown, New Jersey
xwishingonbutterfliesx GOLD, Williamstown, New Jersey
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There once was a girl, named Tarin, who lived in New Jersey and couldn't find a good boy. Well in Texas lived a boy, named Kane, who was just what this young girl was looking for. They have never meant but fate would soon bring them together. This young girl and this young boy will soon talk and be filled with so much joy. Well how the meet is the craziest part. It's hard to keep track. Might as well begin at the start.

Tarin was friends with Dustin, a boy she meant on facebook. She and him were so close. She liked a little bit but she new she couldn't have him. One night while talking to him she told him how she feels. He had a girlfriend he loved at the time so it never worked out, but he told her about his little brother Tarren and her hopes where back. Down side of it was, Tarren lived in Texas. But she didn't care. She wanted to meet him and see what was there. So Dustin told his brother to make a facebook and he did then him and Tarin talked and she fell for him. He was so sweet and funny. She couldn't help her self he just seemed so sweet. She never told him this though. She wasn't sure if she really liked him or if she was just thinking that she did because she thought he was sweet. Well he started dating her friend so that never worked out even though they broke up she was too scared to chance there friendship. Well then Tarren had Jake make a facebook so Jake could become friends with her. Tarin was glad to become friends with him, especially because he was cute but he was also fun to talk to and, of course, she started falling for him. That didn't last long though because she new deep inside that she didn't really like Jake. Well Jakes friend Alyssa made a facebook and from the start Alyssa and Tarin clicked. They were best friends in seconds of meeting each other. They had fun random conversations like how girls should rule the world because unlike boys we don't solve things by fighting. Alyssa asked Tarin to pick, out of all the guys she had pictures of, three who Tarin thought she would like the most. She had nine boys to choose from. There was Jason, Aaron, Layne, Zack, Mark, Tyler, Luke, Kyle, and,of course, Kane.

Tarin picked Aaron, Layne, and Kane. This is where the story goes good. Each boy made themselves a facebook and added Tarin. The first one she talked to was Aaron. There first conversation was short , not sure why. Probably because he was grounded at the time. Well on the same day she talked to Aaron she talked to Kane. Their conversation was a lot longer. Tarin was so happy talking to him. He made her laugh till her cheeks hurt. They had so many things in common but not everything.

She started to like him but she didn't want to get hurt so she never told. She just continued talking. Then more and more boys from Texas made a facebook and they were all friends of the rest. But out of them all Tarin loved talking to Kane most. Finally she was sick of hiding the fact that she likes him and told a few of the other boys and some of her close friends. She really liked him, but what she didn't know is that he liked her too. They both liked each other so much but both scared of their feelings they never told. She just started to convince herself that he would never like her and she was wasting her time. So she tried to move on to another guy she kind of liked and who liked her, even though in deep down she still liked Kane so very much.

Then one day Tarin was hanging with her friends at her house and talking to Kane with them and out of nowhere Kane said "I got to tell you something..." Tarin got so scared and nervous. What was he going to tell her? Was he going to say that he never wanted to talk to her again? Was he going to say that he hated her? The only thing she could do was say "Ok, what is it?" Her heart was pounding and so many things ran threw her head about what he would say. She was so worried that in the three minutes she waited for him to reply it felt like three hours. Finally he writes back and he says "Well you know how we are bffls and we are so similar and we can laugh so easily and uhh.." Uhh what? What was he going to say?! Is there going to be a but coming up? Her heart felt like it was running a marathon that would never end. He writes her and finishes the rest saying "..and you're so nice and caring and something weird that I should tell you is that all of that stuff and how you are so pretty and we get along so well makes me like's what I wanted to tell you." Her heart felt like it was about to burst. She couldn't believe what she was reading. She was so happy yet so scared about telling him that she liked him too. Should she tell him? Was there and point to it? They live so far away, would she just be wasting her time? She couldn't help it. She wanted to tell him. But just to make sure she understood she asked him if she meant he liked like her. And of course he says yes. She new she had to tell him. It was now or never so she breathed deep and wrote to him "Kane I'm happy you told me this...I just completely gave up on all the thinking just....just because I was scared. Kane I.....I like you too." That started the relationship. They did get together just yet but they were so close to it.

On the 18th of May is when it all happened. Kane came on facebook while Tarin was on. They started talking. Then Kane said "Are you alone?" Tarin was curious. Why would he ask if she was alone? "Um not really. My mom, Jess, and Ginna are here." "Can you get them away?" "Um yea just give me a moment." This is strange. Why would he was her to have everyone go away, she asked herself. Well she had everyone go into a different room and came back to talk to Kane. "Ok everyone is gone. What's going on?" "Ok Tarin you know how I said that I like you?" "Well yea" "I was wondering if you would want to be my girlfriend?" Tarin was about to faint she was so happy. She couldn't believe it. This amazing guy wanted her. Out of all the girls he could pick he picks her. He asked her. And from that day they started the relationship.

It was hard. The couldn't see each other. He lived in Texas and she was in New Jersey. It's not exactly the easy and most normal way to have a relationship but these two were anything but normal. They had spent 4 months together. Working hard at their relationship. Of-course they had their hard times but they also had the most amazing times in their life. They were amazing together and Tarin loved him so much. Actually I can't even say loved because she loves him. They broke up before school started. Tarin didn't want to but she didn't want him feeling stuck, that plus her friend told her he was going to breakup with her so she just decided to do it first so she wouldn't feel so much heartache, no matter how wrong she was there. He agreed with her about breaking up and they were over. 4 months of dating and showing each other love it ended in a matter of minutes. Now what most people don't know is that Tarin never wanted it to end. She still wishes it never happened. She still loves him and wants to be with him more then ever. She looks at other guys that she thinks are cute but Kane is always the guy that she has on her mind at the end of the day. I know this so well because I am Tarin. A girl who's helplessly in love with a guy from another state. I'm a girl stuck in love from the states.

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