How Can You Tell The Difference

September 26, 2010
By NarcoticGlamour BRONZE, Manchester, Connecticut
NarcoticGlamour BRONZE, Manchester, Connecticut
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When you have a crush on someone and the two of you miraculously end up going out, the feelings that you felt before, are personified. You get a strum in your chest where your heart beats quickly. You feel an intense flurry of butterflies in your stomach with every touch. Its all wonderful and grand and new, like the first day of spring. Your feelings are the mirror image of flower buds springing to life with colors vibrant and bright. The wind brushes over everything splaying the newborn petals of apple blossoms over thick green grass below. Its a dream come true, these new feelings you have, but how can one tell if they are in love at any point? even better, how can one tell if they are in love if they have been fooled so many times by this infamous stranger, Love? From my experience, I have been seeing a guy for about 23 days now and things are great. We are enveloped in the feelings i described before, and i could be happier. Yet, I still am uptight and wary that he'll just up and vanish like smoke rising from a cigarette. Even more of a reason i worry is because, several days ago, we began telling one another, "I Love You." I have been put in a few situations where someone has "loved" me, but it all proved untrue and I am afraid this is not love. Although deep inside, i know there is something different between us. I'll even go as far as to say, I would try a long distant relationship with him when i move this coming summer. which is saying something, because I never beleived in long distant relationships....So how can you tell? He seems sincere enough, but I don't want to be hurt again because i fell for the same trick again and it was too short a time that we had already gave eachother our word of promise and devotion..How can you tell the difference...between love and a innocent crush?

The author's comments:
I wrote this because I am in search of an answer to this very question.

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