The Watcher

September 24, 2010
By Pariash BRONZE, Findlay, Illinois
Pariash BRONZE, Findlay, Illinois
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The room is full of people. So many of them; black, white, Hispanic. So different from within, even on the surface. But all so the same. Living with the stress of everyday life. The bills that pile upon society, the social drama, and always searching for the fleeting moment of happiness that love has become in this world full of material lies. I sit in the corner, silent, and watch them. It doesn't matter why they're here. What matters is what I see. At first glance all that is apparent is the energy. The bustling excitement that only a group such as this can embody. But let's be realistic. Everything is not what it seems. Because masked by the buzz is the pain that has been so gracelessly dropped upon us. "Silly boy" they laugh. We aren't unhappy. Who are you to judge us? Sitting in the corner, bangs shading your eyes, those windows to a soul that refuses to show. But it is in this position that I can truly see. Because not only do I look upon the world, but I look within to myself. I too, experience the shallow thrills of the moment. But I view the world as a whole, and the moment is lost. Because our earth is the mirror to humanity. And should you stop to take a look. I promise you won't like what you see. I am not a pessimist. I believe that things can get better. Nothing is set in stone. But what I am asking now, is how? What is it that will heal the wounds of humanity. And what is it that will allow the scar to remain. So that when the world has become what it should be, we will not forget what once was. History only repeats itself. But someday that will change. We just have to watch for it. And that is why I sit in the corner.

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