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Silent Lunch

September 21, 2010
By NonsensicalMuse PLATINUM, San Anotnio, Texas
NonsensicalMuse PLATINUM, San Anotnio, Texas
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It was a warm sunny day on my elementary school playground.I was heading down to the foot of the hill with a large ball in my hands. Camillo came up behind me with about 4-5 other guys. He was my guy friend in 4th grade and I also had a hint of a crush on him, he had one on me since 2nd grade. "Oh good! he got a larger group to play with us." I thought to myself.You see we all ways played a version of dodge-ball at recess. Only that's not what they had planned. When we neared the foot of the hill I felt somone shove my back and I dropped the ball and fell half rooling half falling to the foot of the hill. They then encircled me. "We'll teach you a leeson about how you treat you're friends." One of them threatedned.His name was Cory, Camillo, him and I hung out a-lot, most of the girls where too squeally and prissy for my taste. I knew immediately what he meant. Earlier that day I was selected to be "Line monitor". Basically my job was to tell the teacher if anyone talked in the hall on the way to lunch. If they did then they got "Silent Lunch". A pretty big punishment in elementary school. They talked and I told and now they where pissed. A guy, Bradon ws the first to come onto me attemting to punch me in the face, I rolled out of the way and kicked him in the stomach. Hard. He fell back groaning. "I take Karate, didn't Camillo tell you?" I hissed glaring at Camillo who was standing there looking uncomfortable, he wasn't really keen on the idea of beating me up but wasn't man enough to say so.Some friend!There was a pause in the fight,as if this was a new peice of information they had to process, I could've stood and ran but I stayed determined to whip their butts. I knew my legs where stronger than my arms so a ground fighting position was to my advantage. "Well so does Camillo! He'll show you!" One of the guys,I didn't know his name, threatened. I smirked, I knew Camillo took Karate, we attended the same Dojo, we where in the same class, I'd even wrestled him once and I was a belt level ahead of him. I saw a slight glimpse of hesitation in his eyes but he wasn't about to chicken out in front of all his freinds, he tried the same approach Brandon had and I managed to get a few good punches in before all the guys where on me,yep that's right 5 against 1 hardly fair right? Well I knew I probably couldn't handle all of them so amongst the fighting I shouted for some help. A couple of girls came over upon realising what was happening but what did they do? They stood there yelling at the boys to stop. Alot of good that did."Atleast get a teacher!' I growled at them however they didn't move. I'm not sure how or why but at some point it was just Camillo and I fighting again. The others had backed off. He was still standing and I was still on the ground. I managed a double kick in his stomach and he fell to the ground. With their "lead fighter" down the guys decided they had better scurry. I stood and brushed myslef off observing the only injury i had,a small bruise on my arm. Over the next week I noticed the multiple bruises and srtatches i'd given the other guys as a souvenir. I walked over to Camillo who was still on the ground and looked into his anger filled eyes, after all he had just bee beaten up by a girl. "You should've known better." I said allowing a hint of contempt to creep into my voice before I meandered up towards the school to go back to class, the teacher was blowing the whistle.Guys are taught that's how you handle girls, with violence and physical control. I know this but i'm still not sure what they where thinking.They knew me pretty well, they knew I wasn't one of those 'giryl-girls" who where soft. Did they expect me to let them beat me up and then apologize to them for being a "bad friend" through my tears? Seriously? But the again most girls are taught to do just that, lay there and whimper then afterwards tell a teacher wait for the guys to get in trouble and that's that, but not me I fought back.
Of course when the teacher found out they where punished. How? with a "Silent Lunch".

The author's comments:
This is obviously a true story,otherwise i wouldn't put it in this section-It happened when i was in 4th grade-I think it speaks volumes of how men tend to handle women with violence even at a young age.

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