You're Imaginary

September 6, 2010
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I’m probably a very delicate creature. I could break at any moment or maybe not. Truth is, I don’t really know who I am, and it could be none of my business, only God’s and those who surround me. For I do not know why I say the things I say, do the things I do, or cry over what I cry.

I am just a human with thoughts and ideas beyond my explanation with a background that could be real or fake and none of us know if that did or did not shape who I am today.

If anyone ever called me one thing that was true, it would have been Cody, whether he was in his right mind or not, and some may argue that Cody is a poor judge of character for anyone but especially me. But since I do not know and may never know, I cling to those few last words.

People say when you point a finger, you have three pointing right back at you, and with Cody in myself and myself in Cody, I know we fought a battle of two people scared to admit who they were deep down. So what he said we both were and my silent tears were his as he drove away.

I could not say goodbye to Cody, because we both knew the note we would have ended on would damage our ear drums and leave us scarred for life.

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