Looking Out My Window

September 5, 2010
By Anonymous

When you look out the window of your car as you speed down the road what do you see? You may see sun, mountains, blue sky, and people passing by in a normal state that you don't care to understand. That's not what I see. When I look out the window I see a trap. I see people consumed with themselves, I see mountains that rise forbidding me to go past their terrible peaks. I see a sun that holds me in a bubble of heat, and a blue sky that I wish I could just follow around the whole world. I wish I could be satisfied with where I am. I am constantly striving to see something new; experience something new. I can't. I can't because I'm only a sixteen-year old girl who can't even go to the mall with her best friend. When I drive I'm not supposed to go past the Wal-Mart, residing five miles away. Wearing make-up, shorts, and a tank top turns me into a w****. If I express thought I am seen as rebellious and disrespectful. As the eldest I am expected to be perfect. I am seen only as a caretaker to family, nothing more. He used to be proud of me once. He used to love me too. I spend my days wishing, hoping, praying...he will be proud of me once again.

When I look out my window...I see nothing.

The author's comments:
This is just something I wrote up while doing math homework. Tell me what you think.

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