RIP She Who Died

September 1, 2010
By , Lansing, MI

you were the most beautiful I woman I ever met. Of course because of your looks, but because you actually gave a crap about life. You didn’t spoil it on nothing. You followed that wicked dream of yours with that crazy family, while making it to the top. For that baby, I congratulate you.

You laughed no matter who heard, lived like a woman, did sports like a man, and had the attitude that walked you many places.

I’m sorry that "person" had to hurt you. I’m sorry your dad didn’t notice your bruises or your cuts or your bleeding from the wrong places. I’m sorry you lost a second child that was made by that her son’s ugly sexual organ. You never deserved any of that.

You should have walked down that stage bowing for encores in Paris and dancing in the great opera house in Sydney. You lived to be human that should have been a goddess!

I love you always for being there when no else ever would, and being yourself in the end. I’ll meet you when I’m old up in the air, watching you dance with wings and tasting those chocolate cupcakes that made even the chocolate haters cry for more.

I wish I could have protected you more. I wish you had gone in that man’s arms because he could have protected you more in the end without the flesh to flesh.
I wish,
I wish,
that you had lived longer.

She who died,
our flower,
our angel,
our leader,
our lover,
our joy bringer,
our chocolate bunny,
our sister,
our laughter,
and our friend.

Good bye my beautiful sister
I wish was blood,
I will miss you so.

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