Sick Again

August 25, 2010
And nobody knows what I go through not having you around. Nobody knows what's going on and nobody knows your sick. But daddy your sick again and I nor no one in our family can help you. Only doctors can help you, and sometimes that's not even enough. Why god put this sickness back in your life I don't know, but he did and we're going to get through it again. Daddy I love you more than anything and your my hero. Our family is strong enough to surpass the troubles god put in our path. The road we're headed down has lots of bumps, and it's going to be a long hard journey. We will get through this and this time when it goes away its going away for good because I can't take it coming back again. It just can't happen. I love you too much for it to happen again. Please daddy make it through so it'll all be okay again. Tell me it's going to be okay even if it's not. Lie to me I don't care it just can't happen again. As soon as everything feels like its going to be okay again something gets messed up. It's not fair why or family what did we do? I just don't understand. I love you daddy please get better ?

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