I Remember You Katelyn

July 26, 2010
By , Palmdale CA, United States
I remember you Katelyn, all the things we used to do together, all the fun we used to have, the late nights we went after, and those fights that would turn into laughs, I remember it all just as I remember the love we used to have for each other. I still remember the way your nose smelt when i kissed you, and the way your tongue tasted I remember it also, the way your blue eyes would close every time I kissed you, I still remember it, just as I remember how your lips felt. I remember when we use to shower together when your parents weren't home, and when no one was home you moaned as loud as you wanted, I sill remember the way you looked when we would make love and sometimes I even still hear you in my mind, it makes me smile and sad at the same time since im just remembering you, and we would run around in your house like little kids chasing each other when it was just me and you in the house, so many things we did when no one was home, I remember we used to take turns for sneaking out the house every night, I would do it one night and you would do it the next night, and I still laugh at that time when I was waiting for you on the sidewalk in front of your house and you fell off your window trying to sneak out, you were just so excited to leave and come with me, I remember that time you told me to run away with you, I remember when you stole your dads car and we drove to the beach at midnight, and we swam with each other naked, naked in the waves we were and in the dark, I even remember the first time we kissed, we wanted each other so much we knocked our teeth together, I still remember the first time you said I love, I said the same to you and in love we were ever since, I remember in summer we would go on your roof and lay their just to enjoy the stars, and sometimes we would even fall asleep as if the moon put us to sleep, and we would walk the lonely street in those summer nights just me and you with the night holding hands, I remember it, we had so much fun together and so much love for each other, I miss you and the way you would make me feel every time you kissed me, I remember we would just lay on your bed and talk and laugh for hours and hours till we fell asleep and your mom would come and wake me up and tell me to go home, I remember it Katelyn, I remember you, I remember who I was when I was with you, I remember us, I remember our love. I miss you, the way you looked every time you got dressed to go out with your jeans and flip flops, I miss looking into your face right before I kissed you, I miss laying under a tree with you, I miss laying next to you, I miss hearing my phone ring knowing it's you. the way your neck tasted when I sucked it, the warmth of your hand holding mine, your warm breath on my chest, I fell in love with you just as you fell in love with me, I miss you and our love. I remember the time when you loved me and I loved you, I remember those days of our love and those nights of our fun, I remember you and I miss you, but now your gone and I hate it, I still haven't forgotten about you and I still haven't stopped missing you, but I will soon. I remember you Katelyn every bit of yourself, every bit of us.

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