August 18, 2010
By Anonymous

I Hear These Stories About You,
They Say Deep Down You Were A Good Man.

They Say When Mommy Was Pregnant,
You Wanted So Badly For Me To Be A Girl.
Well Daddy Here I Am,
The Question Is Where Are You?

I Am Now Eighteen,
& It's Been Fourteen Years Since I Last Seen You.

What A Good Man You Turned Out To Be.
Leaving Your Family For Drugs,
Is That Really The Life You Wanted,
Were We Not Good Enough For You?

I Carry Hate In My Heart Because Of You.
I Tried So Hard To Forgive,
But Its Not Easy.

The Only Thing That Hurts Me Most,
Is That No Matter What,
My Brother Will Always Have Love For You.
Looking At Him Is Like Looking At You.
Did You Know That Daddy?

Just Know That I Am Fine Without You,
Because Mommy Played The Role Of Mother And Father.

The author's comments:
My father inspired me. My article came from the hate i carry in my heart because of him.

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