Problem at a Pool Party

August 13, 2010
By sgt.johnson SILVER, Littleton, Colorado
sgt.johnson SILVER, Littleton, Colorado
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"You're unbelievable" my father said, exhaustively. "I'm not unbelievable, you said there were birthday cards in the drawer, there weren't" I replied, angry at his lack of interest in my side of the story. "Now we're going to be late to the party because you couldn't find a card you could live with, and I have to pay for the card from Rite Aid." "It's like a dollar for a birthday card" I argued. I was going to my friend's birthday party at the pool, and, as usual, we were going to be late. "You're just flustered cuz' mom's out of town" I said. "No, I'm flustered because you're so reckless" he responded. "I'm not reckless" I argued. This argument went on for a while, then we were both silent, driving from the local drug store to the pool. We arrived and my father said to me "Make sure to take your money and your phone out of your pocket before you get in the water. "Yeah, yeah" I replied, not caring for the conversation. I ran to the entrance and was greeted by a pool full of friends, some of which I hadn't seen at all over the summer. They all rushed me to drop my stuff and get in. I through my bag, kicked off my shoes and jumped in. We proceeded to swim the length of the lap pool, talking to each other, when my hand brushed past my left pocket. There was a lump. I reached inside and pulled out the object. I instantly realized I had jumped into the pool, with my phone in my pocket. I showed it to my friends, who all burst into laughter. I swam out of the pool, popped the battery out and tried to dry it off. I was panicking. I had never dropped my phone in water, and I didn't know what to do. "Wait, I know, I'll google 'What to do when you drop your phone in water' on my phone!". "Oh wait", I thought, "I can't google on my phone anymore." I began to laugh hysterically, surprising the group of people that had gathered around me. Not only was I reckless, but I had done the exact opposite of what my dad told me to. Next time, I won't take my father's advice so lightly.

The author's comments:
This happened to me a few days ago. I have my phone buried in raw rice, thats what I heard was the best thing to do. I hope it still works.

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