Summer of a Lifetime

August 2, 2010
By Anonymous

I just had the best summer of my entire life.

I fell in love and had my heart ripped out. We’re still friends and she still hates her nickname.

I now have 138 people on my phone’s contact list. There were 83 there in May. I’ve had the phone for three years.

They’re not just “acquaintances” either. They’re real friends.

I found God. Through one more friend. We call him the Bearded Lady.

I stayed awake until four in the morning last week. I fell asleep behind my best friend. Moving at 65 miles an hour. On an All-Terrain-Vehicle.

I got on stage in front of 3,000 people dressed as a total geek. Bow tie, suspenders, glasses, and all. Guess what? I was a total goober. It was amazing. Three thousand people laughed that night.

My high school varsity soccer coach learned my name. He “looks to see more good things out of me in the future.”

I passed the hardest test I’ve ever taken. Perfect score.

I got a tan. Ahem, farmer’s tan.

My summer is over.

My best friend left today for home. Home is eight hours away.

I got a new phone.

11 real friends are going off to college.

The Bearded Lady is leaving for his senior year in University. Then he’s going into ministry.

The ATV’s are in the garage at the River House.

My bow tie is on a hook in my closet. The suspenders are in my Dad’s drawer.

Soccer season doesn’t start until February.

I threw the test away by mistake.
My tan is fading.

A new school year is starting, with new possibilities.

I’m in love again. Oh, to be 16.

I still have the contacts.

More real friends than I can count are heading to school with me come the nineteenth.

The Bearded Lady has a job at a local church lined up for when he graduates.

The boat is gassed up down on the dock with a couple wakeboards ready to go.

Katy let me keep the glasses.

Cross Country starts next week.

The test score is on my transcript.

I’m not snow white just yet, and the sun’s still out.

The author's comments:
Let's just say that reminiscing get's me going.

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