Swallowed By Darkness

August 1, 2010
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I've always been scared of the dark, ever since i was little. I still am even though im 14 years old. Im really more scared of whats in the dark. Not knowing, not being able to find a way out those are my biggest fears, and both of those happen in the dark. You cant escape the dark, you cant just run a little and its gone. It surrounds you, no escaping.
You dont know which way is left or whats right in front of your face when its dark. Not knowing is what kills me. I have to know whats around me. If i dont know, i dont feel safe. When im not safe, im not okay, terrified, swallowed by the dark.
Surrounded by the dark i cant see anything. I cant find a way out. i need to see a way out at all times. If i need to run, i need to know what direction to run.
Being scareed of the dark is just like life for me. I always need to know whats around me, and I always need to have a way out if i need it.
I have no idea how long i'll be scared of the dark. But i know if i am at 14 years old, i might be for awhile. But im ok with that. I deal the best i can, and i do better and better each day. But somedays the dark gets to me and its bad. But i just turn on my life, and relax that way im not swallowed by darkness.

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