I Know the Prayer Worked

July 31, 2010
By , aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, FL
I was on vacation for labor day weekend. I was in bed, awake (as usual), thinking about Ally*. She was my cousin, Janet's*, friend, and about 21. I was imagining a conversation we would have when she came back.
She met two guys out at the pool of our hotel. They told her their hotel they were staying at, and that there was noone at their hotel but old people.
She said she could come back with drinks and they could hang out a while.
Then my parents took me outside, and asked me if I knew anything about where she was.
She had gone missing. I wanted to go with my dad to find Ally. But, my dad said it was too dangerous. So, I went out the back door where some of my younger cousins and aunts
were. I sat and hugged my aunt's dog and cried.
"Your not gonna leave, are you? No..."
I went back into my room and woke up my MeMa. I told her what happened. She asked me why she hadn't been told.
"You were asleep."
She went outside; I paced the room, scream whispering(whispering with force) prayers. I started hyperventilating.
"Please, God, let her come back!"
I went from my room, to outside, to my aunts's rooms, and back, pacing, probably crying, and hyperventilating.
My dad came back later with his cousin, but no Ally. He got a call from my mom I think, saying she was found at a hotel (not the one the men SAID they were staying at).
My dad and his cousin went to go get her.
I went to my room and prayed. "Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!"
So, in the end, what they figured out in the end was this: Ally got drunk, and got in the boys's car and they drove her to a different hotel (why? I don't know, they're idiot jerks).
I know the prayer worked.
What about you?
*All names were changed for their privacy.*

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