The Day I Beat Up The Bully And His Mom

July 22, 2010
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The day I beat up the bully and his mom and both had bloody shirts

It happen January 6, 2010, two days after we got back to school so I have been getting bullied own since school started so one day he tried to take my lunch money. I couldn’t use karate outside the dojo class unless I have to so the bully walked up to me and tried to takes my lunch so I was not taking it no more so that was the day I beat up the school bully.

So I finally stop letting him punk me so he got in my face and he bump me ,so I finally said something so I said who you talking to then he said the little piece of crap who is standing her, so I said who you talking to so he tried to punch me so I ducked then that is when I came up and that is when all the beaten parts came in I gave him that one punch everybody see is red blood on his t-shirt and when he saw the blood he begins to cry in front of every body .So he runs off and that’s when he call me a disorderly word so I step back and walked away and said who’s nose bleeding ,so I walked back up and he smelt like spoil milk and I just laugh and laugh then I left

I stood up for myself because he always messing with somebody short so I got tired of getting bullied so I beat him up so it is like I stood up for all the short kids .

Two days later I finally got to beat up the bully’s mom

The bully brought his mother up to the school and she was drinking and she was stanking she smelled like and old can of liquor ,the whole class smelt it when she walk in the door. So she said which one of you beat my son up so she thing it’s a tall kid but she was wrong so my little short arm went up in the air and she started to laugh so I stood up and she got I my face ,so I told her you got five min to get out my face and she said f you so I turned around and she tried to punch me so I did not want to hit a lady and plus she was drunk .So I turned around again she tried it again so I said forget it ,so I punch her in the lip and she started to bleed and I told her now you and your son have matching lip and nose .I punch his mother in the lip because what her son started t finished both of them. So never mess with a short person.

So I went home and told my father and he told me he got them, so the next day when I sent my fathers police team to run in their house .his team got there so they knocked on the door and they did not answer so they knock down the door she was on the couch smoking maharani. so she tried to run my father caught her and she was trying to fight them off her so my father shot her with a stun gun and she fell down on the floor so now she’s in jail for drugs, shotgun, and hit and run and she was wanted in another state so now she’s in jail my father did me a favor to send his team to there house and she went to jail and her son went to boot camp until his mother gets out of jail

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lovetofight said...
Oct. 12, 2011 at 9:45 am
that was an awesom story i would love to hear more it kicks ***
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