July 27, 2010
By Anonymous

Over the past few years, you’ve been the person that has meant the most to me. I was never disappointed in you, never angry, and I never wanted you to leave. When I was around you, I tried so hard to think of clever things to say, to impress you, but someone always stole the perfect moment when I could completely snatch your heart.

Before you, I was never one to get too attached. Life changed, people moved on, but with you, I was glued. Everyone thought I was crazy, but my heart was entangled with the mystified, and giddy, feeling you gave me by just standing next to you.

I will go through all of my life, no matter how many years, and always regret one thing. Regret will always linger on my mind. It will say how stupid I was to end our “friendship” so roughly, abruptly. Never will it cease to taunt me with the idea of what could’ve been. I have to see you everyday, wondering and wondering what my life could’ve been,

Because with you was the one time I can remember that I was completely, utterly, and explicitly…happy.

The author's comments:
I was just 'reminiscing' my life...and I thought about this, long and hard. I realized something, which is explained in this piece. Thanks for reading :)

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