Promise Me

July 1, 2010
By Babygirl022092 BRONZE, Louisville, Colorado
Babygirl022092 BRONZE, Louisville, Colorado
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Promise me that he wont tear us apart. Promise me that he and I wont end it all.

Please, I dont need anymore broken promises. I never needed the broken hearts along the way. Promise me that this is the end of a broken road. Promise that this is all the heartache that will be along the road I've chosen.

Promise me that this is not the end of us and that he doesn't matter in the us that is alive, and that until we are apart you will forget that he is even alive.

Promise me that you'll love me until the end! And that is all I ask of you. I love you and always will

The author's comments:
I cant really say that this one of my usual songs but I can say this; My best guy-friend and my boyfriend will always be waht keep me going but they hate eachother and will never settle for one shal be my BEST guy-friend and one will be my boyfriend. As sad as this may seem right now I am going to need them to get along if I an ever going to have something SOLID and FOR-SURE ib=n my life. I love them both but I cant have them both apperantly. Someday I will have the best of both worlds. But no matter what they will BOTH be in my prayers.

And I say to you the readers may god be with you through out all of lifes struggles. And thank you for reading my work.

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