The Batman Ride

July 22, 2010
By Anonymous

I remember one time when I almost broke my neck on a batman ride at six flags it was crazy. It all started when my family took a trip to six flags, when we got there it was this ride called the batman ride in my sister’s and brother’s wanted me to go on there with them. I didn’t know about that ride because I am so afraid of heights so I had second thoughts about that. So they convinced me to get on the ride because they kept asking me did I want to get on that ride, constantly asking so I finally said yes. But before was to get on the ride the lady that controlled the ride
pacifically told us to keep our head up because if we did not keep our heads up we will have trouble getting them back up. Then all of a sultan the ride starting moving, then……… all you heard was “omg my head, my head get me off this ride.” Then there it was I had almost broken my neck. Because I did not listen to what the lady said. Then all that I could tell myself is that I better listen next time because I could have died.

The author's comments:
I like this article because its about me trying a ride out that i have no clue about.It was crazy!!!

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