Your gone but never forgotten'

June 29, 2010
By Yessica Sanchez BRONZE, Amarillo, Texas
Yessica Sanchez BRONZE, Amarillo, Texas
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"Wow!" I said to myself, "How could this happen,months go by so fast." I remember as if it was yesterday all the time we spent together, and out of sudden your gone. Everyone around me is crying, what did we do to deserved this.I stare deaply in the sky, I imagine you walking right next to the ocean, from the sky theres a bright light,its pointing on you the only thing that you left behind its your foot prints.Then I looked down at this puddle of water, I seen your face on it suddenly I catched myself smiling cause you started talking to me.I wanted to hug you but the moment I tried you dissapeared, I got sad cause your not longer with us but I know your on a better place but forever will stay in our hearts.

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