July 17, 2010
By Anonymous

Where are you? Why don't you want me? Do you not love me?
What I don't get is why you say you'll be around more, and then you're not. You think that when you do come around handing over a 20 dollar will get the job done. Wrong. You're worthless. Saying you love me. No, you don't. If you loved me, you wouldn't lie to my face saying you're trying to be in my life. I don't think you want anything to do with me. And now, I don't want anything to with you. Now, you're nothing to me. I'm just letting you know, you're missing out on a great girl. You've missed so much in my life. You always try to act like you're interested. You're not. I haven't seen you in 4 months. Some father you TRY to be. You walk around thinking you're doing a good job as a dad. You're not. Don't walk around saying you're my Dad. You're not my dad. You're my father. And even calling you that, I'm giving you too much credit.

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