July 11, 2010
By Anonymous

You got me standing here shaking
Your hands gripped around my neck
You slammed me to the wall
Your yelling echoes down the halls
The sound of you smacking, Punching and kicking my body
Can be heard with cries and screams
The pain is endless
The fighting is only getting worse as the days go by
I hate it
I want it to end
What did I do to deserve this?

Tonight you did it again
Tonight I stood up and said never again
As I looked you in the eye with a knife in my hand
And said
"I'll kill myself before you lay another hand on me!"
You stood there laughing like it was a joke
You took a step towards me
Then another
As you raise your hand to me
As the knife brushed acrossed your face
You stood there deathly still
At that moment you realized that you pushed me to the edge
Your controlling was done

What happened from the first time we met to now?
Where did we go wrong?
Everything was perfect before
Fireworks when we kissed
Living life side by side
Happy with laughter
Where did it all go?

Now you put me through hell
My dreams broken
My life now a waste
I sit here in amazement knowing I could've done better for myself
Happy knowing it’s my time to finally escape
This hell hole at last
It’s time for me to leave
So as we fight tonight
It will be our last
As I grip the knife that will end it all
So right now you’re standing there not even moving
Thinking I don’t have the guts
To hurt you or me
But you are far from wrong
Tonight’s the night I stand up strong
I hold the knife up to your throat
With a smile of death on my face
Then I thrushed the knife into my chest
I fall to the floor as the blood starts to pour out
You stand over my body for a min
As I lay their looking up at the Boy who abused me for years
The life is slipping out of my brown eyes
I am finally dying
Finally getting set free from the monster at last
The monster who I once called my boyfriend

The author's comments:
I finally decide I should right something about what I encountered 3 years ago with my boyfriend. Our relationship was great at first then it only got worse as the days ticked by. Since this night I now live with a permrnant scar of what happened that painful night. I am now living happy and currently in a relationship with a boy named John

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