Beautiful Humans

July 9, 2010
By Anonymous

I don't know why I look at myself the way I do. I'm beautiful. Everyone is beautiful. There is always someone out there to love you. You may not have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. You may not be the weight you'd like to be. You may have acne or a big forehead or braces. But that's okay, because you're beautiful, all because God created you. You're a beautiful being because He took the time out of His day to dream you up. Some of the most seemingly confident people are really insecure deep down inside. You are beautiful in everything you do. You are beautiful because you simply are. You're alive, you're breathing, you're a human being, for Pete's sake. Isn't that enough to prove that you are beautiful? You are worthy of being loved, you are loved, and you will be loved. Forever remember that.
It's not an imperfection.
It's a beautification.
It's what makes me, me.
Wake up every morning and look in the mirror. Look at yourself and promise yourself that you will accomplish something that day. Promise yourself that you will call yourself beautiful at least three times each day. You know why? Because you are. You really are. I think you are, even if you don't. So does God. The angels look upon you with smiles and send down their blessings in ways and forms that you may not even realize are there. And they're there, just for you! Rejoice in the fact that you are a beautiful creature. I even feel down about myself sometimes, but I know that in the end, it doesn't matter. Beauty comes from within, truly. So if you're the type that constantly fiddles with your outer appearance in order to become beautiful, stop and think- shouldn't you make yourself beautiful on the inside instead?

The author's comments:
I just felt inspired to write this one day. I hope that it will inspire someone else as well.

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Hayley said...
on Aug. 3 2010 at 1:50 pm
your words alone make me feel beautiful thanks

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