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June 8, 2010
By chunkymonkey BRONZE, Indio, California
chunkymonkey BRONZE, Indio, California
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First off I wanted to write about drug use because of my father. My dad is a recovering addict and it completely changed the way my family lives. My brothers and sisters were taken into foster care and my dad was put in jail. I always wanted to know why things happened the way the did. Even though it’s not an excuse for him using drugs, after I did research I learned that quitting isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Methamphetamine becomes a persons only focus, controls them physically and mentally. Someone involved in drugs masks their bad feelings by continuously taking hits.

Meth goes inside the body, into the brain receptors and then Dopamine is forced out. Dopamine’s a pleasure chemical made by the brain. When using Meth you can get a high up to twelve hours. One hit can trigger 1,200 more units of Dopamine compared to non-users. After long months of use, the brain refuses to feel any physical pleasure. Then, Dopamine runs out of the body and physically drains you.

Meth, even in small amounts can be just as damaging as higher amounts in the long run. It causes aging, decreased appetite, high heart and blood pressure, weight and dental loss, anxiety, insomnia, mood changes, and violent blowouts. Chronic users experience paranoia and delusions like insects crawling beneath the skin.

Chances for diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis B and C highly increase when using Meth. This is because your less prone to take precautions for the use of condoms and sterile needles.

Methamphetamine users often have difficulty finding or keeping a job. Before being hired, it’s policy to be cleared of a drug examination. Some jobs require tests taken throughout employment.

Drugs can almost always get involved with the law. Prosecutions are always and forever on your permanent record which can only hurt your ability to be hired. Many women turn to prostitution to help pay for their drug habit. An estimated 40-85% of women prostitutes are drug users.

In the end don’t see any benefits to the use of methamphetamine. It destroys your body systems and hurts your chances of holding a steady career. Our Nation is trying to cut back on Pseudophed which is a major ingredient in Meth. However, the only promise to not get hooked is to never start.

The author's comments:
Ever since i was little i was around people who did drugs and it effected alot of what i have to go through now. My two sisters and brother were put in foster care. Eventually two of them got adopted. Now were struggling to get my other sister who is autistic back home with us. My dad has been sober and were getting along much better. I truly hope people can read this and see from my experience that Meth is a horrible monster to get involved with.

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