Experiencing God

July 4, 2010
By SammJae BRONZE, Arab, Alabama
SammJae BRONZE, Arab, Alabama
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"It's not about the money. It's about what I believe in." -Sergei Federov

I'm sitting here in the back of my father's mini van, somewhere in the middle of nowhere Tennessee, peering out the windows. As I gaze up at the mountains around me, it is the first time I have felt God's presence, truly. No, I don't go to church, but I'm sure this is what my friends walk about when they feel God. Up until now, I haven't even been sure if I believe, but now I do. I know I want to go to church, to get this surreal... High from God again. This is a great feeling. I love this. I don't know why He has chosen now to enter me and let me feel his presence; or why. I know nothing of Him. But this feeling I have, right now, Is wonderful. I have a feeling, almost as if I KNOW that this is His way of saying "SJ, something you say do, write, or photograph will change someone or something.. Forever." And I'm almost sure that this is EXACTLY what He is wanting me to grasp. I have a small moonbeam of hope that this is true. I may be only in seventh grade, but with this in mind, I know I can do something BIG.

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I wrote this article Labor Day Weekend in 2007, on my way to my Grandmother's house in Virginia. My friends had been hassling me constantly about going to church with them, and I just didn't want to. After I had this feeling, I didn't tell anyone, not until February, when a speaker about drugs came to my school.. And said he would be at my friend's church that night. I went, and became a member of said church, where I was Baptized in December, 2008, and still regularly attend. That feel i had, that God gave me? It was true. People from my church said that since I was so eager and determined to learn about God that I had changed their lives, with my attitude.

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