Carne Asada Fish Tacos

June 4, 2010
By Anonymous

“Look! There it is!” I cried out! We finally pulled up to Raging Waters for my dad’s company picnic. I looked around and saw many people walking toward the entrance. As we parked and were walking to go in, my friend, Stephanie and I began messing around and making fun of each other.

“Please, those glasses make you look like a fly,” Stephanie laughed.

“Oh shut up! Your just mad cuz’ I have glasses and your parents didn’t get you any,” I sassed back. Just about the time we were done annoying each other, we finally got into the water park.

Oddly, the first thing I remember seeing as soon as I stepped in were hundreds and hundreds of bees. It seemed as if a huge bee hive had just been busted open. All of us were careful not to go anywhere next to them.

After going on several rides, we decided to eat. My dad wanted chicken strips so he had gone to get them while everyone else was waiting for pizza.

“Geez, look at this line!” I exclaimed. About 30 min. later, we finally sat down to eat. We all started to laugh, joke, and make fun of each other.

“Mommy,” my brother screams out, “a bee stung me.”

My mom immediately ran her hand down his back and without knowing it took the stinger out.

“Manny, if a bee stings you, then you would have a stinger in your back, and the pain would be so bad that you would be crying right now.”

A few minutes passed and I noticed that a big lump was beginning to form on his back. When I pointed it out, my mom finally realized he wasn’t lying. She immediately got a first aid kit and gave him some ointment.

About an hour later, we all eventually began going on all the rides again. As we were walking around yelling ecstatically and telling each other how cool the last ride was we then stopped. In our and saw one of the tallest drops that we’ve ever seen.

“Hey Alyssa,” my sister’s boyfriend turned to me, “Do you want to go on with me?”

I didn’t know what to say. Spontaneously I agreed, “Heck yeah, it’ll be fun.”

Once I had said that I knew there was no going back. So, we started walking up the enormous hill to ride down the drop. When we were half way up, I started to shake and got really scared.

“If you want, we’ll pray,” Larry, my sister’s boyfriend, offered.

“Aghh!! Alright, I’m so scared and nervous,” I squeaked.

“Lord, please help us. Please, on carne asada fish tacos, let us live and be alright, amen.” Larry had joked with a smile on his face. As soon as he said, “Carne asada fish tacos,” I lost it. I began laughing so hard that I thought my head was going to explode. Finally, it was our turn to go on. I stood at the top of the slide and was still shaking. “Just lay back and cross your arms over your body.” The lifeguard instructed. As soon as I did, I felt a push on my shoulders and off I went. My body went from horizontal to almost completely vertical. I was going so fast that water was spraying everywhere. Finally, at the end, my body slid into a large pool of water. Afterwards, I got up, turned around, looked at what I just came down and thought it was better then I imagined. I was so happy that I took a change like that!

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