From The Articles Of Him; Handcuffed Butch and Emmanuel.

June 20, 2010
By Otto. PLATINUM, Pueblo, Colorado
Otto. PLATINUM, Pueblo, Colorado
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Me and Tommy grew up in a neighborhood where you had to watch yourself. One of the people you watched for was Butch Rivette. Butch worked for an Austrailian 15 yr old named Emmanuel Dennis, and Emmanuel was a techie genius. Emmanuel was the kind of slim, fun to be with guy and Butch was the king of guy to go the zoo to throw stones at the caged animals. Neither have changed. And while they worked together well, they still did not prefere each others life style. Emmanuel now works for me. One of the things that bugged Tommy about Butch and Emmanuel was that Emmanuel, being Astrailian, called me 'luv' and Butch liked to shove me around. One day when I got fed up with Butchs' B.S. I told Tommy how upset Butch had made me, and when Emmanuel refused to call off his employee, Tommy and I began plotting. I must say, Tommy had some good ideas. I really must give him credit. But my idea- Well, it really took the cake. I had done it before and knew the effects. The very next day I had an old friend of mine make me hand-made handcuffs. Two pair. So I gathered Emanuel and Butch to the town pool. Then, by swiftly taking both by surprise, Me and Tommy clicked thier hands together and simuntainiously pushed them into the pool. It looked as though they had jumped in holding each others' hands. Finnally, considereing they had no uncuffed hands to get out with, they made it to the stairs of the pool and got out. By that time, though, me and Tommy had turned on our heels and were far away, laughing hystericly. The best part was a factor neither Butch or Emmanuel knew yet. The handcuffs were handmade. I told you this already, but I figure you still remain clueless as to why this matters. So that Butch and emanuel didn't have to sleep together, They broke the cufflinks and both now had both hands free, but still with a handcuff bracelet on each wrist. well, They slept until morning, thinking I'd give them the key and they could be totally free. They were only half right- I did give them the key- but because the cuffs were hand made, they had rusted shut and were nbot removed until they finnaly sawed them apart neary a week later. They couldn't go to a hospital or police station- because both had police records.

The author's comments:
We had so much fun together.

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Otto. PLATINUM said...
on Aug. 26 2010 at 10:55 pm
Otto. PLATINUM, Pueblo, Colorado
20 articles 5 photos 13 comments
Of course I wrote it! I did it! Butch and Manny are real people, friends of mie in fact. This really happened. :)

cvm,hjsd said...
on Aug. 26 2010 at 8:05 pm
did you right this, it is spectacular!

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