Spin Like A Swan

June 16, 2010
By CourtneyC GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
CourtneyC GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
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The whole dance class was staring, waiting to see if I could complete the triple pirouette. I began to prepare myself, stepping back with my right foot. I shifted my weight, bent my legs into a plié and placed my arms in the correct starting position. My right arm curled in front, my left arm straight out, and my posture was perfectly straight. Tilting my head, I scanned the wall for something to spot. I fixed my eyes on the hole in the wall and began the difficult turn, preparing my whole body to gain momentum in a minute.

After bending my legs, I pushed up into posse, my toe attached to the knee. My foot was perfectly pointed, the toe hovering above but not resting on my knee cap. Whipping my head around with each turn, I focused on the hole in the wall…one, two turns, three. Landing as my momentum slowed, I straightened myself out like a graceful swan that had just finished taking flight. I had done it, I mastered the triple pirouette.

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