I believe in Katie and Kari

June 12, 2010
By Music15 BRONZE, Shokan, New York
Music15 BRONZE, Shokan, New York
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I believe in Kari and Katie. Kari and Katie were two of my friends in North Dakota. They are both disabled, Katie more than Kari. Katie is always laughing and loves jewelry especially big bracelets. She is 14 but has the brain of a two year old. She has to be in a wheelchair because she can’t walk that well. When she does walk it’s with a walker type thing where she is in a harness and she moves her legs and it moves, it’s kind of like those things for babies where they sit in it and it bounces at least that’s what it looks like. She can’t talk so she has a machine and it has different programs on it and she pushes a button that has something she wants to say and it speaks for her. Even with all of that she is very smart.
Kari is also 14 and can understand pretty much everything. Kari has the normal ups and downs in life. She can walk but she has to use either canes that hook onto her arms and a walker. She loves to laugh and her laugh is contagious.
They both showed me that no matter what disability you may have or how crappy your life is it’s what you make of it. People who make fun of Kari and Katie, either because Katie makes a lot of noise especially when she’s happy or because Kari uses canes and a walker, could eventually learn from them. They both are very smart and have accomplished a lot.
I believe in Kari and Katie because even though they are disabled they still make the best of life.

The author's comments:
My English teacher had us read something for an oral presentation for part of our final and so i wrote and read this to my class.

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