Secrets, Secrets aren't fun unless you share with everyone....SIKE

May 25, 2010
By Cupcakecutielol PLATINUM, Elkton,MD, Maryland
Cupcakecutielol PLATINUM, Elkton,MD, Maryland
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"All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on." -Henry Ellis

I try to imagine the future. I try to imagine change, but when things get too different, it all seems so very strange. What do I hang on to? What do I let go of? Is it what I grasp that really matters? , or what I hold in my hand. I have the world in my fingertips , but I don't know how to use it. It has many powers, strong and hard. Big or small. Unique and wise. Do with it what you will. Figure it out on your own or figure out some help. It's not as easy as they say it is, and it's hard to make it on your own. To write down all your feelings or keep them all inside. It's hard to think, as you must, but even harder to find someone you'll trust. Someone to talk to and keep it between you, them, and the little locked pinkies between you two. It can be hard to not share , yet easy to gossip. It can be hard to live humble rather than let the inside of you crumble. The place where you live, your heart, your home. How many people do you think you really know? Flip it around and see who really knows you..

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