Life's a path- with potholes and ditches

June 15, 2010
By JustWriteee SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
JustWriteee SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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Not only does life begin to seem clearer and clearer as you begin to think about it. When I did think about life-and all the things that make is seem important. I stumbled on thinking that it's like a path. Really it is like one. We have this long path narrowing down when we take our first steps in to learning. My path is narrow, steep and filled with potholes that make it almost impossible to survive. I began to realize how god is our guider, standing behind us, leading us and telling us a code that cannot be cracked.

Everyone goes through the same experience, in short. Even if one may addicted to some sored of weed, and the other person completely innocent. It may be that all that innocence is just being misread, so people don't see that that person deals with more that taken credit for. He/she might have drama on their shoulders. With life these days, it's hard to manage a day in High School or Junior High.

Seriously, has anyone seen the people at local school's these days? Popularity, peer pressure, homework, family drama, time for themselves, it all comes roaring down to one thing- a troubled teen. A teen who's going through their path, falling on every pothole they spot. We're only young, and being young means we don't have all that experience. But does it mean that we need to have experience to succeed? No.

Everyone falls through a moment in their lives with no experience with the world. We're all new to this- new to the path. But when in truth, everyone goes through it. Everyone needs to step it up and realize that yeah maybe that person you judge is different, but you're different too. Just that nobody had the guts to admit at that to you. Or maybe they did, and you just think that judging another person like they did to you, makes you seem like them. Well wake up people, and stop.

In truth everyone judges. Some might not have the nerve to go up to someone and tell them what you think about them, but we all think at least one judgmental thought.

What I want people to realize is, that it's hard enough that a person has to live with their own drama, and now that some other person comes along and begins to pile some more on top. Because in plain truth, no matter what you do, you judge. Now everyone reading this begins to wonder and question why I'm writing this. If what I'm saying is that we all have to do judge.

What I'm trying to say is that cut people some slack next time you look at someone you don't like. And if your the person who has been judged, don't go all freaky and start complaining, forgive them. Because Jesus forgave us for all the things we do. He still forgives us for everything we do today, or tomorrow or what we did yesterday. And maybe you might not be a religious person and you don't believe in god. But still forgive that person, because you would want someone to forgive you if you did the same.

And remember that whatever you do your just human and we're all the same. Lastly that you should forgive yourself always.

Life is a path- with potholes and ditches. And if you choose the right paths, everything will be OK.

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