Moving On

May 23, 2010
Im starting a new chapter in the book of my outrageous life, because I have learned that it's better to turn the page, rather than close the book. I would like to thank those who have made the greatest impacts in my life, because if it wasnt for you and our wild expierences together I wouldnt be where I am today. I wouldnt be finding all these hidden talents and personalities that are stored within my mind. I grow stronger everyday, and discover multiple qualities upon myself that I never realized before. I greatly appreciate everyone that has been a major part in my lifetime. I've tooken things that I've learned from each one of you, to help me grow, and stablize my life as an individual. Wheather it be good or bad I learn, cherish the moments, and grow stronger from the situtions. Im going to ask you to forgive and forget; like I, myself; has done. Move past the pain that you've caused or expierenced, because I have. Instead celebrate your life and the blessing to be apart in others; because it's an amazing occation. Don't dwell on the past, because it only holds you back from all you could be, and your shine dimes to a glow. I have no regrets in all of my expierences in life, because I got to live life to the fullest; as hurt or torn down as I may be at times I manage to laugh and be happy; and I got to love. I loved someone 3 times harder than I ever thought I could. I have brought others happiness that have been involved with my life and the many unexpected adventures it brings. For that I am thankful, and I accept things that happen; because I know life goes on, and there will be many others through out this anxious world who could take part in your life, like others have before. I belive everything happens for a reason, but I often find myself questioning things down the road. My advise to you, dont question what you have, take it, appreciate it, and dont let go! You never know what god may have in store for you, so buckle up, sit tight, because it may just be a long ride. Just dont try to fight whats suposed to happen, because it could change things that may be in store for the future.To you I send much hope, wisdom, and many wishes of success. I havnt broken any promise by the way, because I am here. Im just listening and watching closly from a distance, like a gaurdian angel; until Im finished finding myself. Because as of right now, I find myself drowning in a pool of emotions, and many people are pulling me in many different directions. But I want to pull myself out! So I wait and take things day by day, in search of a girl I once thought I was. I would also like to apoligize if I have caused any painful emotions to anyone, because I did not intend to do so. I hope that you let all of this seep in and take it into consideration. Im working on myself as I recommend many others do so. && Im not going to dwell on the past, or stress the future, because I wont let anyone ruin my optimistic out look on life; or steal my shine. My main focas is to grow mentally and emotionally; to keep pushing and encouraging myself to be better; and to continue to find myself. I hope that you can also find yourself, and realize what your main focases are, so that you can better yourself! Be greatful for what you have, and know that I am here as your friend. I promise that soon you can look to me for guidance and advise, and more as I once told you. Until then keep yourself together like I know you can, do what you need to do, and eliminate those who get in the way!

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