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May 18, 2010
Everyone is Weird in Someway

I believe everyone is weird somehow. The decisions I make, and the decisions I choose are super bizarre so some people.
Once I dyed my hair blond. Wow, did everybody think that was unusual. Sometimes people think that I’m weird for cutting my long hair. Even when I had long hair chief warrant officer Dixon, my high school ROTC instructor, thought I looked weird. I didn’t think so. Everyone is weird in a way. Like this girl I know that is a student here at Rauner College Prep and a girl I like: Evelyn Rojas. I and she think each other are like super weird. Her little brother tells her all the times that she is bizarre. My little sister, step dad, and my step brother think I’m strange for all kinds of reasons: my style of clothing, the way I talk, or how much I eat. The interest I have in ghost and the spiritual world. How I like the dark things.
My mom and my sister calls me a vampire because I sleep during the day, and when I wake up by them opening the curtains I hiss and cover the light with my covers. I don’t mind them calling me weird. I’m proud of being weird. There is nothing wrong with it. If it’s the way you eat, you sleep, shower, sing, etc. Who really cares? People don’t realize they’re strange until someone says you are, but that hobby you do can be normal to you and odd to them. I always tell Eve that she is weird, and she don’t care she is proud of it like me.
My friend Billy thinks I’m weird all the time. The thing he likes to do is just bizarre. We both like to hurt each other on film. I think its fun. We do these weird things every day. People stop and watch us do these things and they think, “Wow they are doing stunts that are unusual.” Even weird people, like Eve, think others are weirder. Eve has a lot of weird things about her: her clothes, her pictures she likes, or my favorite her mind. I think my friends are weird. Everyone is weird in one way.
I take the fact I’m weird and I know I am. Everyone is weird no matter what. I learned that you can think you’re normal, but others might think others things. Maybe because you eat odd things or do hobbies that are unusual. The fact is, in my opinion, is that everyone is weird.

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