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June 9, 2010
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"I was staring out the window, hoping to find the something to cheer me. Looking for so long I began to dream. I dreamed of all those fun times that we had. All those fun times that we had together only made me realize that it was you that made me happy and enjoy that day. Just seeing that smile turned my day around. All this made me wonder how you feel too." I muttered out of my lips that were stunned by her smile.

"Well," the strikingly gorgeous woman started with a long pause. I was getting eager of what she had to say, "I don't what to think. I've been trying to figure things out myself and I still don't know what to think about it."

This was not what I was looking for her response. The only thing I knew that I could do was say, "Oh...OK." The car became silent. We both got out and I hugged her goodbye. I walked over to the door, turned, and watched as she drove off into the silent darkness of night. I walked inside, went up stairs, and threw myself on the couch shutting off the rest of the world. My friends and cousins tried to comfort me, but all that brought was the tears of loneliness.

All that I could do in this time of heartache was think. Thinking can be painful at times seeing if people are right for you or even if you are right for them. In the conclusion of all this grueling thinking I could only think of one solution. The solution would be time; all she needed was time. It is spring now, but I can wait for Summer.

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