Torn up

June 8, 2010
By Anonymous

Torn clothes hang off my skeletal figure. Thick, stick, moist liquid streams out of varies spots on my body. I know what it is, but I can’t see in the dark so I try not to think about it. My body is in shock and I can’t feel a thing. The barbed wire fence that towers before me shadows a cave of black berry bushes for me to hide in. I was stuck at the top, just hanging like a Christmas ortiment. With a gruesome rip, I dropped eleven feet with a thud. I crouch down in the cave barely breathing as cop cars stroll by slowly. They are looking for me, but I escaped. I sprinted down the main street of Portland as bystanders gawked at me wandering what my storey was, why was I running as if being chased by a 300 pound grizzly. Now I sit bloody, naked, and scared in a corner alley behind a barbed wired fence ironically resembling the bars of imprisonment. My boyfriend is still inside the club, not a clue I got arrested. He has no idea I was caught with drugs from an undercover cop then sprinted down the street when he turned around. I have my purse, and a broken cell phone. I dig through the purse and find His sweatshirt. I put it on, tie my hair in a bun, pull over the hood, take my revealing bright yellow converse off, and climb back over the fence, this time more careful. Nobody notices me back inside. I’m a different person. I’m in a disguise, with a mission of getting my boyfriend and getting the f*** out. I find him, he finds me.. I tell Him my storey, “I was arrested. Then I ran. I hid from the cops for hours.” He smiles and is glad I’m okay. He holds me close to his chest and instantly I feel safe. “Let’s go” he says. My face, arms, legs, and back are mutilated with gashes. We sit in the car and tears roll down my face. “Shhh,” he whispers, “your safe now, there’s nothing to worry about, there are no more cops. Just be here with me. You’re safe now I promise.” He stroked my hair and I lay down on his chest. I feel safe now in his arms.

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