R.I.P Father

June 9, 2010
By JASSY BRONZE, Woodburn, Oregon
JASSY BRONZE, Woodburn, Oregon
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‘Ya esta todo enpacado Renato!’My mom said shouting across the room trying to not cry.
“Yes” my dad said.
I was anxious because it was going to be my first time going to Mexico to go visit my grandparents. in a while my mom gave us a hug with tears and joy and scared that anything could happen to us. So we said good bye and gave my mom a hug and to my one year old brother a kiss. In 30 minutes we were in Salem and then two days past and we were in half of California. We got hungry and the food that we packed was gone.

Then we stopped at McDonalds. We made a phone call home and we told my mother that we loved her and my father told my mother to take care of my baby brother, Juan Luis, he cried. I think that my father new something was something was going to happen. He told my mother that he loved her no matter what. We were out of McDonalds and in the car -we got really hot with the blankets so my father put them in the trunk and it all happen. CRASH!!!!
“PADRE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” I was scared I didn’t know what to do my heart raced really fast, I was crying, my bones were shivering like if I was really cold I still remember the words I told my brother and what he told me:
“Jasmine que pasa emana papi ta bien amine” he told me scared and wanting to cry he

Was only four years old, he didn’t understand what was happening.

“Si NATO, papa esta bien” I said tasting every tear in my mouth wile they went down my cheek. The police and the ambulance got there and they arrived 30 min after the accident they put my brother and me in the police car and was driven to the police station.

But the way he looked at me with his face like he knew what was going to happen, but the way that hurt me watching how it all hit my father:
(When they hit him you could here his back crack and when he hit the window and cut his forehead. When he was bleeding by his mouth …..You could hear the silence of the chugs of blood covering his teeth looking pale with tears coming out of his eyes and telling me good bye in his eyes and then his eyes went white and then he died). After they drove us they tried to inform my mom what happen but it took us some time to locate her they drove us to some people that looked friendly at first. They made us do all type of work they screamed at us and they gave us some food I was scared. My brother asked me every minute were is my dad? I had to lie to make my brother not get depressed like me I cried and cried in till I fell asleep. This is what I said every night before I went to sleep:
“Padre nuestro que estas en los sielos santificado sea tu nombredamos damos el pan de cada dia perdona nuestras oofensas Como perdonamos los que nos ofenden no nos deje caer a temptacion I libramos del mal, amen”
‘Pleas gods give me my mom I need her, were would I rather be in heaven with my father and be with him and live happy or this stupid hell were I burn in my feelings and fear. but I needed to be strong not for me but for my family .and my little brother that did not know what was happening.
My mom came 2 days after and I told her almost everything crying and giving her hugs and kisses.


The author's comments:
it was a verry dramatic situation it will make you cry.

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on Jun. 13 2010 at 2:10 pm
JamieStarr GOLD, Sevierville, Tennessee
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o! thats why i love you. :) i love you.

this was a very great artical. i am sorry for your loss. i myself just lost my dad after not seeing hiim for 6 months. i hope you and your family are doing ok. but remember your father is watching over you and your famiy keeping you safe.:)


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