What D.A.R.E. means to me

June 6, 2010
By , kasass city, MO
During the D.A.R.E. program I’ve learned how to get out of risky situations. I also learned what effects happen to you and your body when you take Marijuana. In addition to that I learned how to be in charge. Finally, I learned about peer pressure
I really didn’t realize how dangerous it is to hang out with people who drink. I thought I could help them by being their friend. I thought I could just tell them that this just isn’t the best thing to do, and let’s find something else to do. Instead of drinking and smoking I want everybody to know that if I every get caught in the middle of a risky situation I will try to say NO to what they are trying to make me do. That just might help me with all the things I might face, and the hardship that might come around the next corner. This girl will never give up until the betel is won.
I had no idea how harmful marijuana really is. I always thought marijuana was bad don’t get me wrong but they are worse that what I thought. People die from taking marijuana. Marijuana makes you do things that you would never do in a million years. I wish the people who discovered Marijuana never ever existed! That would have solved a lot of deaths and problems that have happed. I hate Marijuana for theses reasons.
Now, being in charge is one I thought I had under my belt until the D.A.R.E. program told me that the way I thought I was in charge I really wasn’t. I was actually being bulling around when I tried to be in charge. The reasons for that is because I never used humor, change the subject, never gave a fact or a reason way I shouldn’t do something. I really learn a lot about being in charge.
Peer pressure was one that hit me hard. That was one tough subject to cover in one day I had so many questions to ask and not enough time to ask them. I was positive that peer pressure was a very bad thing to do and if anyone was doing it they were bad people. I discovered that there is good peer pressure, too. That was a fun fact to learn now I know of all types of peer pressure there’s positive peer pressure, friendly peer pressure, indirect or tempting peer pressure, teasing peer pressure, heavy peer pressure or better knows as bullying. These things have totally helped me on know if the peer pressure I’m under is bad or jest for fun and they don’t mean any harm while the are doing the peer pressure or if it’s meant to heart me beat me down and make me feel like I’m completely worthless. I’ve been teased a lot and now I feel better than I have felt in a very long time. Thank you D.A.R.E. that means a lot to me!
So I’ve learned how to get out of risky situation. I also learned what effects happen to you and your body when you take Marijuana. In addition to that I learned how to be in charge. Finally, I learned about peer pressure. That is what D.A.R.E. means to me! That is way I think every single student should have the same chance I did to learn and feel the relief that the D.A.R.E. program let me feel.

I pledge to always try my very hardest to make the wisest decision in every choice I make about alcohol, tobacco, and every other drug I may ever come across.

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