May 15, 2010
I look out in the fields below, covered in gentle grass, blowing softly in the wind. I look up and see the vibrant sun, and not a cloud in the bright blue sky. I lean over the railing, taking in the warm morning sent. We close our eyes for a minute, not making a sound, listening to the soft melody of the birds, smelling the fragrance sent of the flowers around the house. I keep my eyes closed, enjoying the warm sun on my face. Warming my face, my hands, and my heart. I turn slightly when I hear the door creak, only to see you coming toward me smiling. You come and stand next to me, whispering in my ear that it is a beautiful day. I nod my head in agreement. As you take my hand My Heart seems to sing, you lead me to the steps the pull me down them. we run across to the grassy fields still holding hands. The day of the lost, our memory's will fade, but we shall not, because of this morning.

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