My Award

June 4, 2010
“Today we will begin writing our black history month essays “our teacher announced.
“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh “moaned the class in unison.
The first thing we did was pick someone important in black history to write about and I wanted to choose somebody that no one else was. My table noticed.
“What are you doing? “Asked Nick.
Yeah, you aren’t taking this seriously are you?” added Jason.
“I am what of it,” I said sternly.
As usual john had to insult me in some way.
“Too bad your writing sucks.”
“Shut up I don’t feel like arguing with you today.”
“And I care because.”
“Well, we have five minutes left in class to finish the first paragraph and you haven’t even started,” I say smoothly.
“Ya well, whatever,” says John wide-eyed.
Ring ring ring. Class was over and we where handing in our papers when…..
“Aaron come here please,” said my teacher.
“Did you write this yourself? “
“Of course I did who would I copy off of, Nick?”
“Good point. You can leave.”

(2 weeks later)
“Ah man I’m going to be late,” I complain running past classes so fast I couldn’t see the numbers, I feel I should mention s.j.v.a is an out door school. A paper flew
out an open door and I caught it.
“Thank you what’s your name?”
“Aaron A.”
“Didn’t you and Eddie m. win that black history writing contest?”
“We did.” I exclaim. Before I can say, “You’re welcome,” I race off to find Eddie.
He was where he usually was, sitting on lunch tables with Marco.
“Eddie you and I won the writing contest,” I say short of breath.
“No joke?” asked Eddie.
“No joke.” I say with a smile.

(1 month later)
Tonight is the award ceremony where I will find out what place I got. The announcer called up the nominees in alphabetical order and guess what I’m up first. Reading in public in front of 500 some people might seem scary but in reality it’s 1,000 times worse then it seems. Long story short after everybody read the announcer called honorable mention then 3rd and 2nd finally 1st place and where was I in this? 1st place of course.

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