June 4, 2010
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One weekend during my vacation I went to my grandparent’s house. Because the trip was so long, as soon as we arrived, I went to sleep. Early the next morning, my grandpa woke me up and asked, “Want to go to work with me at a job site in Hemet?”
“Sure,” I answered, “sure, just let me get ready first.” I immediately jumped in the shower and started to get ready during all this my grandparents were eating breakfast.
When I got out my grandma asked, “Are you ready to eat?”
“Oh yeah.” So, I sat at the table and my grandma brought me a plate of food. While I ate my grandpa and I started talking about the job site where we were going to work at that day. As soon as we finished eating and talking, we said bye to my grandma and left.
Once we finally got there, we picked up some logs and loaded them on a trailer attached to my grandpa’s truck. Later when we finished, we took the logs to a different location when we finally got to our destination. We began taking the logs off and stacked them. All of the sudden, the logs began rolling off the pile and rolled right under the truck.
“Daniel, do you know how to move the truck?”
Of course I said, “Yeah!” I put the truck in drive and released my foot off the break.
“Slowly now, but don’t push the gas,” my grandfather was instructing me.
So, of course, the first thing I did was push the gas. Then while in shock, I kept my foot on the gas and then panicked and turned the wheel and slammed into a brick wall, and then hit a tree. On the impact, I hit my head on the steering wheel. Once the truck stopped I jumped out the truck and my grandpa was laughing at me and then we moved the bricks from under the truck then went home.

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