knotts berry farm

June 4, 2010
By Anonymous

It was a cold morning, I was nervous. I was waiting for everyone in my 5TH grade class to arrive. As I was standing there talking to my friend, I was wondering if the trip would be fun. I was going to Knott’s Berry Farm. At last all my classmates arrived.

“I have to get on the bus,” I told my mom. I finally found a seat, and my friend Josh walked up and sat down next to me. I was so excited that it felt like I had fireworks in my stomach. About halfway one of the parents needed to use the restroom, so we had to stop. After a couple of minutes, the parent got onto the bus. We finally got our way. What felt like hours later, I saw Soak City—it was kind of empty because it was a chilly morning. Not a moment too soon I saw Knott’s Berry Farm. We parked in the lot. I got off the bus right away and felt like I just got off a spaceship—with excitement.

My teacher handed out bracelets and the tickets for Knott’s Berry Farm. He assigned us our groups and then we hurried to the entrance. As we were waiting in line, we were trying to figure out which ride we were going to go on first. I was with my teachers group. We decided to go on the silver bullet first. As we entered the park a photographer asked if we wanted a picture.

“No thanks,” exclaimed my teacher

We continued to walk and saw the Silver Bullet. We got in line and waited for about 15-30 minutes. As we loaded onto the ride, I was freaking out. I knew it was going to be fun but I still started to get really excited. I was going so fast that the wind was pushing my head up and down. Afterwards we walked around and noticed a lot of the rides were closed, we still went on some children rides, like one that was like a mega swing. Fortunately Ghost rider wasn’t closed. It was a lot of fun waiting in line. As we were going onto the drop-in of the ride, I noticed some shoes at the bottom of the ride. I told my teacher. It didn’t really make sense because the ride had no loops so how someone of could lost their shoe?! At the end of the trip we were hurrying to the exit but, we stopped at the gift shop. I bought some Binoculars. The ride home was tiring. I was sitting at the back of the bus looking through the window with my binoculars. My mind was filled with excitement.

“Tell me when your parents come to pick you up.” Said my teacher.

At least that’s what I assumed my teacher said, because I didn’t hear him. As the bus approached the school I wanted to go home, I was very tired and I was also really hyper so getting off the bus, the first thing I did was stretch. I waited for my parents for about 15 minutes. I was wondering where they were. I asked my teacher if I could use the phone in the office. As I kept calling no one answered. As I was dialing the number for the 100th time. I saw my sister I went out the pother door. I asked her where they were.

“Our car broke down so we couldn’t come pick you up”.

That makes sense I thought. I left without telling my teacher. When I got home, I heard the phone ringing. I answered it was my dad.

“Are you home, Diego”? , asked my dad

“Yah”? , I said.

Ok well I was wondering why he called. The phone rang again, it was my teacher. I forgot to tell him I left. He explained that I didn’t tell him I left and he couldn’t find me. I was in trouble not with the school but, with him. I realized he was very scared. I felt bad. Ever since I learned how to listen, pay attention, and to not get distracted. I had fun that day. It was the first time I went to Knott’s Berry Farm.

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