Easter Morning

June 4, 2010
Easter morning, it was as cold as a meat locker.
“Burr,” I shivered.

I opened the curtains to check if there were any eggs outside, there wasn’t. On the grass there was snow like stuff that looked like dandruff. I immediately went to wake up my mom and dad to see if we were still going to the park, but they were still sound asleep unfortunately, for them I didn’t care, so I jumped on their bed like if it were a trampoline.
My mom yelled, “Natalie! Get off the bed!”
“Well then, hurry up so we can go!”
I complained. I then rushed to the kitchen to eat my candy that I found in my purple Easter basket full of chocolates and jelly beans. After I ate about five pieces, I began to feel sick to my stomach. The pain was excruciating I felt like the acid from my stomach was burning my throat I felt like I was going to vomit.
As soon as my mom came out of her room she looked at me puzzled and asked, “Why are you laying on the floor?”

“Mom, my stomach hurts really badly.”

She told me to go lay down on my bed while she made me some tea. About twenty minutes later, we started getting ready to go to Temecula to go to the park. About 20 minutes later, we started getting ready to go to Temecula to go Easter egg hunting.
“Natalie, go get Sam, Maria, and Jose,” my dad ordered
“Come outside so we can go.”
They all can out at the same time running down the stairs like race horses. All three of them were fighting the along the way to see who would get shotgun.
Minutes later we all jumped in the truck and, of course my older brother, Jose got shotgun. After driving for a little while we got to the morning sunlight hit my face I began to watch the trees and people pass, all of the sudden I turned to my brother, Sam. His black hair was spiked all over. I giggled because I noticed that he had gel all over. I giggled because I notice that he had gel on his forehead.
“What are you laughing at?” He snapped .As soon as we came back from Temecula, my brother, out of nowhere comes out of the garage with a cute little brow puppy with blue eyes .
“What kind of puppy is she?” I questioned.
“She’s a pug.”
“Whose puppy is she?”
“It’s yours,” he said.
Oh my gosh! Thank you, Kiko! Can I play with her?”
“Yeah, go ahead.”

Right then and there I decided to call her Princess.
“Princess” I called.
“Ruff, ruff,’” she barked as she ran to me. She then jumped in my arms and afterwards, she began jumping all over me.
For a couple of months I was so happy to have Princess around.
Unfortunately we had to give her away because I became responsible for princess .during those months however, she taught me so many things like responsibility, love, and commitment.

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