June 4, 2010
Leaving is hard. Sure, tons of kids are bubbling with excitement and full of energy about getting to start a relaxing Summer, but not me. No, I'm one of the few students who will be mourning about leaving and starting high school.

My teachers, my friends, my middle school; I'll miss it all. Starting in late August, I'll be leaving and starting a new high school without my closest friends. They'll all be at my rival high school, going through the next four years of their lives without me. Yeah I'll know a few people but not my close friends. At the moment I can't think of any possible way I'll get through high school without them right there with me the whole time.

And my teachers, my history teacher in particular. She has changed my life so much this year and I can't bear the thought of leaving and not having her follow me to the next grade. She taught me well about history as well as other things. I consider her to be one of the greatest people I know. Who else will I talk to about all the weeknight shows that we both enjoy watching? The thought is devastating.

I know as soon as the final bell rings my tears will come flooding out of the barriers, as hard as I try to keep them in. I've already cried once, and I cannot even begin to think about how to keep myself composed in front of the people that mean the most to me; the people I've known for most of my life.

I'll be leaving, they'll be leaving, everything will be leaving.

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