June 1, 2010
I deal with stress everyday at my home. My farther is the main problem. I don’t feel like a family. I feel like we are all enemies. The only time that I didn’t deal with stress was when I was a little kid. It was probably because my parents weren’t so old at the time, but now they are 50 something. My dad complains and does things that I would think a little kid would do. My dad thinks he is so smart, and we are just kids. Sometimes when my dad tells me to stop he does the same thing I did on that same day. He has that “Do as I say, not as I do” attitude. He says that he will risk his life for me when he can’t even help me out with little things. That confuses me; my dad could be the worst example ever. He takes all the stress out on me, and I get super stressed, and then I do things that I usually don’t do. I feel more at home at other places. When I walk in my house I can feel the stress. I hate being in my house. I feel like I can’t be in the same room as my dad. When I sit down for a little bit he tells me to go find something to do. Then he tells me to find a chore to do. Then he tells me to help out my mom. She needs help anyways, because she has MS. This disease affects her brain in certain areas. She has a hard time walking around. This is my weekend, and it makes so I can’t focus at all. At the end of the weekend I have no work done. I have know I have a problem of procrastinating. I am easily distracted and don’t get work down which gives my more stress. I don’t understand how other people concentrate so well. Sometimes I stare at a screen and see nothing. I just hope I find a great way to end all of this stress. I see my name on the white board at school to much. Stress is hard; I know.

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